13 November 2015

Day -5 and all I am is weepy

I don't know why I'm weepy.
I miss my family. Weepy. 
It's too late to order breakfast and too early to order lunch. Weepy. 
Every 6 hours of chemo is rough. Weepy.
I just don't feel good. Weepy. 
I just want to go home. Weepy. 

Mike says no way. I'm in it for the long haul. Because the long haul is the cancer-free haul. It's just so, so hard. 
He also says it's ok to be weepy. So I cry and cry and cry. 
Then I get a video like this and from a precious little soul (turn up your volume),  and Jesus wipes my tears.

1 comment:

  1. Definitely ok to be weepy... your are mourning your old life... but get ready because your new cancer free life is just around the corner!!!!