14 October 2013

Here we go ...

(from Light the Night team Patticakes' fundraising page)
Another cancer diagnosis. Well, let's just say this isn't our family's "first rodeo."

My first husband, Mike Minium, and I had 4 kids (Alice, Margaret, Mike-Mike and Kathryn). Mike Moonis and his wife, Patricia (Lea) Moonis, had 2 kids (Carter and Hannah). Cancer killed both of them. Mike Moonis and I met at a grief support group for children. We married and had Helen (7 kids - or as a friend of mine says "you have 100 kids!").

We got news this week that I have chronic myelogenous leukemia. We haven't even hammered out a treatment plan yet. If you want all the details from Dr. Google, here's a good site chronic myelogenous leukemia

Our children have been amazing. As we sat them down and tried our best to explain what we knew, and what we didn't, they showed love, compassion, strength, courage, faith, trust and wisdom beyond their years.

They came up with great questions, too. One of my favorites ... Will you get vibration (radiation)
One of the kids even said, "Look on the bright side ... You won't have to worry about the zombies because they only like healthy bodies!"

Please consider donating $7 - symbolizing our 7 kids - to fight leukemia?
Or, consider coming out Thursday night, Oct. 17, and walking with us?

Our journey with leukemia has only just begun, but God has a head start. He's been working, moving, shaping events and people. It's breathtaking.