01 December 2015

Next goal ... Discharge

Engraftment is a huge party in my bones.
Next goal is discharge.
Today I'm at Day +13.  If all goes according to plan and there are NO setbacks. ...
I will get to be discharged THURSDAY. Like they day after tomorrow Thursday.
As my awesome Pastor Stu Hodges at my amazing church Waters Edge Church  says, Holy, WOW.
Lots to do.
I need to wean off the IV medication and back to the pills.
I need to increase my diet - and keep it down.
I need to walk 4 times a day.
Please pray STRENGTH over me that I don't mess up in 2 days all that God has done in 3 weeks so far.

Oh, yeah, kept finding little tiny hairs all over my pillow. I'm officially bald. And it's fine.
Here's me ...  and, yes, I'm smiling under there. XOXO