08 April 2015

No mutation detected

A watched pot never boils. Think that's really true? It has to boil eventually. I guess watching it makes it seem like it's taking forever.
Forever is how long it felt while waiting for my mutation and resistance testing to come back. 
The refrigerated kit arrived March 17.
OOH, biohazard bag.
The vials lived in my fridge for a week.
The vials with my blood a week later.
My blood mixed with the magic solution.
My blood added to the magic solution.
Off it goes.

I found out yesterday - 2 weeks after my blood travelled to the west coast - that the lab results were back all the way from Oregon. But they wouldn't tell me the results because the doctor needed to go over them.
Talk about stress. That was a long 24 hours.
I got word this afternoon, just after lunch.
I feel the weight lifted off my chest. No mutation detected. Very, good news.
But what does it mean to my treatment? Why are my Super Dangerous but Absolutely Necessary chemotherapy pills not working? Not sure yet.
I will find out next week. I'm still waiting for a heart test, as well. 
No mutation detected. 
I feel I can exhale now. For 3 weeks I've been living with my "What if" brain.
What if there's more than 1 mutation.
What if my body can't take the new drug.
What if the new drug doesn't touch the mutation.
What if ...
I know my fight against CML is far from over. Having a resistance to my Super Dangerous but Absolutely Necessary medicine is not a good thing. I'm sure it means there will have to be changes. Changes in treatment. Which means changes in side effects (yuck).
No mutation detected.
Today, I'm celebrating this little victory. 
And I'll keep fighting.
I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.Philippians 3:14