08 June 2014

The tutu

I haven't written in a few weeks. I haven't felt well. Usually, my New Normal is not that great anyway. But I can't even seem to reach my New Normal.
I felt bad enough (vomiting and dizzy) I actually called my oncologist.
"Yeah, he wants you to come in," the nurse on the phone said. I go in Monday.
I had planned to walk in the survivor lap for the York/Poquoson Relay for Life last week. I even made an orange tutu (like you see runners wearing sometimes) that I had planned to wear. It looks awesome.
But I didn't get to go. And it ticks me off.
And then I beat myself up because I think I sound ungrateful for all that I do have. My proverbial cup overflows. I realize this. I try to model a gracious and grateful attitude for our kids. I have been and continue to be blessed beyond belief.
But today, right now, I'm just ticked off.
Damn cancer.

So, I put on my orange tutu and took some pictures. My sister in Tennessee says I should wear it everywhere I go for, at least, a week. We'll see.

Patti in her tutu.

Go Team Patticakes.