05 December 2011

regret me not

Usually, I drive my kids to school each morning. It's a 20-minute or so drive one way. We shoot to leave the house by 7:10 a.m. but lately we've been running 10 minutes late.
Not late to school, mind you. Just later than they'd like to get to school.
In the car are 5 of my kids and 2 kids of a friend of ours that we carpool with.
7 kids.
Trapped in my Odyssey.
Each seat is full (IE: they are close enough to touch each other).

And I love it.
I love it because they are trapped. I can talk to them about ANYTHING and they can't run away. Can't slam the door. They are my captive audience.
So, I use this time to engage them in stimulating conversation. Otherwise known as the Topic of the Day.
They know it's coming and they present the usual and customary eye roll and/or groan. Lately they have also tried the "I'm wearing headphones and can't hear a word you're saying so I don't have to participate" game. But it's not working.

On the drive to school this morning, the TotD (Topic of the Day) was this:

"If you were to die today, would you have any regrets? Anything you regretted not doing? Anything you regretted doing? Anything you regretted saying?
Kind of a daunting question for people under 20. But it was fun to hear their answers.
  • 17 year old: not getting to have a family (getting married and having kids)
  • 14 year old: not travelling to Canada
  • 14 year old: not travelling to Europe
  • 13 year old: not travelling to Europe
  • 12 year old: not travelling to Italy
What would you regret? Why haven't you done this regret? Post your comments below!