14 May 2014

Lean on me

I was diagnosed with CML right before Light the Night.
At my 6-month mark, it was time for Relay for Life.

How fitting.

Having CML (chronic myelogenous leukemia) means I get tired easily and often. That makes participating in events and survivor walks difficult, at best. But, at both events, I was held up by amazing, giving, selfless friends and my dear family.
So, for your viewing pleasure, here are pictures from the Patticakes team at the Newport News Relay for Life.

Me, The Caregiver and 3 of our daughters walking the survivor lap.

The family (plus 1 boyfriend and missing 2 daughters still at college), some Relay SWAG and
my dear friend over at runningwithletters.blogspot.com, Cynthia.
Let me tell you about Charlotte and Suzy.
These 2 beautiful young ladies had a "bookmarks and baked goods" sale to raise money for the
Patticakes team. These amazing 5th graders raised more than $200.
That's their awesome mom and dad, Julie and Doug, in the bottom picture.

Amber and her husband Joe are 2 of the most giving, genuine people I've ever known.
Amber is also an amazing elementary school art teacher. The picture on the left is the luminary bag
she created especially for me. Notice the AU in the top corner, and the words "giant slayer" in the ribbon.
Love it! Love them!

The top, left picture is of Sarah and Jason and 2 of their cute kids.
They have stood with me since I was diagnosed.
On the right is the wonderful Ashley and Robert and below is their beautiful princess. She loves me.

I've leaned hard on these 3. Robin, top left, and Nate, top right, since my first Mike died.
Below is beautiful Pat.

Debi is a long-time cancer survivor and friend. The top picture is the back of her survivor shirt.
Bottom pictures are of her and me, walking the survivor lap and in front of the survivor ribbon.

Some shots of my beautiful family. They mean the world to me.

And finally, some luminaries.

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