19 April 2011

you can't take it with you

My first-born took a two-week trip to Europe. She's 19 and it was her senior class trip. Yeah, I know. Europe. My senior trip was to the mall. No, really - I think it was to Daytona Beach. The night before she was scheduled to leave she stayed up all night packing. I was worried she wouldn't pack "right." Worried she'd forget something. Worried she'd pack the wrong something. Worried she'd pack too much something. Just worried.

She did manage to pack, though. Without any help from me, ether. How'd she do? I'll let you read for yourself ...

"When I attempted packing two weeks into a single suitcase, I experienced firsthand the legendary crisis of separating "wants" and "needs".

The more I "needed", the more I'd be carrying, which would make traveling awkward and inconvenient. I might miss part of the experience.

I was forced to abandon luxury and discard many items that make me comfortable and/or happy.

In addition to my hairdryer and Bop-It Extreme, I have left behind my former self.

I will not need her for this adventure- her problems and opinions, prejudices and fears, the way that she has always seen the world

To bring those things would be too much to carry. It would be awkward and inconvenient. I might miss part of the experience.

Instead, I left some empty room in my suitcase.

They always say that you come back with something new."

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