05 February 2016

Day 82

I am 82 days post my bone marrow transplant. 
I'm still considered in the "dangerous" phase and will continue to be until I get to day 100. I have restrictions on what I can eat (nothing fresh, only processed foods), where I can eat (not out at a restaurant, meals must be prepared at home and by my caregiver), where I can go (not where there are lots of people and I have to wear a mask when I go out in public and I restrict visitors).
Day 100 is the big benchmark my team of doctors talk about the most.  Patients who make it to Day 100 without relapsing have a much better life expectancy than patients who relapse. 
What's my status? So far, so good. 
I'm officially in remission.
There is no evidence of leukemia in my bone marrow or in my blood. 
Yeah, I'm gonna write that again.
There is no evidence of leukemia in my bone marrow or in my blood.
It's hard to believe. I've fought so hard and struggled through so much in the 2 years since being diagnosed with chronic myelogenous leukemia. Especially since August, when the Super Dangerous but Absolutely Necessary chemotherapy pills I had been on began to fail. We switched to another pill, failed. Tried another, failed. 
A bone marrow transplant in November saved my life. 
The recovery has been tough and long. But oh, so worth being cancer free.


  1. Second most favorite Bible verse, but quickly becoming my favorite!

  2. You keep going, girl, my thoughts are with you. So glad to read your posting XXXX :-D